Jade Ulani is an award-winning singer/songwriter and up-and-coming artist and writer from Tasmania. Usually writing in styles that conform to folk tradition, she remains influenced by an eclectic taste in music. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts with Integrated Honours while continuing her work as a songwriter, artist and writer. She wishes to translate the poetry of life with all of its beauty, insight, humour, longing and hardship and has a keen interest in singing praise. She has released her debut EP titled, 'The Eye of the Day' which was recorded by the lovely Aria Award winner, Monique Brumby and Mastered by Angus Davidson which is available to purchase. Jade Ulani's creativity has been a form of refuge for her years of struggling with chronic pain and illness. She has had two online exhibitions for her art in which over seventy pieces were sent around to grateful receivers as gifts to those who like the drawings and paintings. It was a way of giving back to the community while fortunate enough to be supported by a DSP. Her first paid exhibition was held in Rubie's Cafe, Melbourne which was a success and lead to selling her art in a fundraiser campaign to help a man who was homeless reunite with his home and family which to her great delight, exceeded its fundraising target in the first few hours. 

​Photography by Colin at Concepts 5 Photography

" Origami Master, fold me the way you please
You can bring me into shape or bend me at my knees"

Jade Ulani

Latest Works

Original Songs and Improvised Acting Films
2012 - 2016
Film /audio engineer-  Jeremy parker
Piano Composition - Wayne Kington
Film - Will Brown,  DowntoEarth Films

Cards for Sale by Jade Ulani
Teacher - Mandy Renard

1. Lotus 

3.The Traveller 

4.The City and the Flower

5. Stillness 


2. Two Flames 

One Card - 5.50 Inc. Postage to anywhere in Australia
Five Cards - $25.00  Inc. Postage to anywhere in Australia
Ten Cards - $45.00  Inc. Postage to anywhere in Australia

For purchase + Wholesale Options email: Jadeulaniyoung2017@outlook.com

Photo by Sharlene at Montanna Blush Photography,